Miles of Portraits: India
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Proposed by
Annalisa van den Bergh and Erik Douds

January to February 2020



This winter, sparked by a good friend’s wedding invitation, we are setting off to document the people of Kerala, India in the 4th installment of Miles of Portraits; Miles of Portraits: India. The trip will be the first time the series goes international –– inaugurating our round-the-world voyage.

First portrait: Dan and Sruthi

Erik’s dream to “crash a wedding” during a bike trip

Folding bikes, hopping on public transport


Community and Press

Annalisa and Erik are at the forefront of the emerging adventure cycling, bikepacking, and urban bike commuter communities. Their personal stories draw audiences that consist of people managing chronic illness, appreciate music and spoken word poetry, and are inspired by the natural beauty of wild places like Alaska.

They already have a national audience with Music For Free being accepted into the 5Point Film Festival and Miles of Portraits screening at 13 REI locations across the country.

Their work has gained national media attention appearing in The Washington Post’s The Lily, the REI Co-op Journal, the cover story for Adventure Cyclist, Vimeo’s “Staff Picks,” Kickstarter’s “Projects We Love”, and lastly, in the wide-eyed passersby who approach them when they lean their fully-loaded bicycles against supermarket walls around the world.

News clips

Annalisa on the cover of Adventure Cyclist Magazine,  spreading awareness about type 1 diabetes .

Annalisa on the cover of Adventure Cyclist Magazine, spreading awareness about type 1 diabetes.


The Team

“They remind us all how the bike is the ultimate vehicle to freedom and connection with others.”
(Jim Sayer, Executive Director of Adventure Cycling)


[Annalisa glancing photo]
Annalisa van den Bergh
A graphic designer, writer, and photographer, Annalisa uses her bicycle as a lens to tell stories. Her work has been featured in The Washington Post and The Daily Beast.

[Erik muddy hike photo]
Erik Douds
An enthusiast of the word yes, Erik’s type 1 diabetes diagnosis has propelled him to use filmmaking to prove that we can go anywhere and do anything. Erik is an global ambassador for Beyond Type 1 (1M+ followers).


The Route

[Kerala route description]

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When outside the urban environment, adventure cyclists travel at a pace where stops are made in everyday small towns that are often cut-off by freeway travel and the rush of commuter traffic.

The 400 mile route highlights the United States’ extensive national bike network (the largest in the world). After attending the NY Times Travel Show, we have made connections with each state’s tourism board that can help identify public spaces for events, while also joining promotional efforts.


Community Impact

The team bringing you Miles of Portraits and Music for Free hosts national screenings and talks to inspire people of any age to seek adventure through bicycle riding.

During a talk at an REI in Massachusetts, Mark Roland, a retired Green Beret U.S. veteran, felt compelled to stand up in front of the audience and give this impromptu speech on how Annalisa and Erik have changed his life.

In his eyes, we show him that despite the constant fears of managing a complex disease like type 1 diabetes that you can go out and ride your bike. That you can move past these constant threats and obstacles to enjoy the simple things in life. That recognizing "life is short" is the ultimate motivation to chase your dreams today.

Your brand’s community can be expanded by those that want to adventure by bicycle.

Your current and future community can tap into retirees and millennials who seek to explore in a new way –– under their own power. We can teach them to taste wilderness by pitching a tent under a red sequoia or inspire them to set off on their next adventure by train and return by bicycle.

This past April, Adventure Cyclist Magazine made a stigma-breaking decision to feature Annalisa taking a shot of insulin on the cover. Annalisa and Erik’s article, The Ups and Downs of Touring with Type 1, tells the story of their Alaska bike trip through the lens of the blood sugar graphs they use to manage their type 1 diabetes.

The hardest part to traveling is getting out the door. Through in-person events, film, and photography, they have been able to inspire folks to get out on the road as well as empower people living with type 1 diabetes to join a local bike team and ride.


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