I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Olegario Carrillo</u><br>Portage, AK

Olegario Carrillo
Portage, AK

The only way to get out of Whittier is via the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, the longest highway tunnel in North America. Bikes aren’t allowed so Erik and I stood by the entrance in the pouring rain with our thumbs up (hey, Alaska DOT –– can we get some vestibules up in here?). We were about to give up when Ole stopped. We stuffed our bikes in his truck and on the ride through the tunnel, he told us about the work he does at a clinic that sends help to remote areas of Alaska. He also runs a hostel in Anchorage so he loves to help travelers when he can. 

<u>George Clark</u><br>Hope, AK

George Clark
Hope, AK

<u>Jonathan Alsberghe</u><br>Whittier, AK

Jonathan Alsberghe
Whittier, AK