I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Until and Marienne Lorenzen</u><br>Valdez, AK

Until and Marienne Lorenzen
Valdez, AK

This Danish couple who we met while hiking a beachside trail, is not quite used to the wildlife here in Alaska. They’ve already had two bear encounters and found that singing childhood songs helps.

“You see, in Denmark there are only four wolves and there’s been a controversy about what to do with them,” Until told us.

“Oh, four types of wolves?” Erik asked.

“No, four individual wolves.”

<u>Debe, Michael, and Jake</u><br>Valdez, AK

Debe, Michael, and Jake
Valdez, AK

<u>Anchorage Clerk's Office Summer Law Interns</u><br>Valdez, AK

Anchorage Clerk's Office Summer Law Interns
Valdez, AK