I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

The 17th CSSB Army Unit in Paxson, AK

The 17th CSSB Army Unit in Paxson, AK

Straight out of a horror movie, the abandoned Paxson Resort sits on the T intersection of the Denali and Richardson Highway. As we ride by it, a group of military personnel sitting on the steps hollers at us. We swerve to say hi to the 17th CSSB Army Unit.

As they wait on assistance for their malfunctioned tankers, we make small talk and then check out the deserted building behind them. Shattered plates, playing cards, and garbage are scattered on the carpet. Four years ago, the owners got up and left without bothering to clean up.

As we walk out, Erik jokes that we couldn’t have wandered into such a sketchy scene with better protection –– the military. The group is stationed in Alaska and has been around the world together. After hearing our story, they give us a bag of gummy bears and a couple MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat), their typical grub. We prepare one a few days later and watch our blood sugars skyrocket from the ridiculous amount of sugar.

<u>Patty Ryan-Staples</u><br>Kenny Lake, AK

Patty Ryan-Staples
Kenny Lake, AK

<u>Ron Holmstrom</u><br>Paxson, AK

Ron Holmstrom
Paxson, AK