I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Ryan Kabat and Terry Underwood</u><br>Paxson, AK

Ryan Kabat and Terry Underwood
Paxson, AK

I roll down the hill and find Erik talking to two fellow touring cyclists, Ryan and Terry. I say hello and Ryan does a double take.

“A Dexcom!”

He spotted the Dexcom Contiguous Glucose Meter on my arm. I use it to monitor my type 1 diabetes. Turns out, Ryan’s daughter Annika is a type 1 diabetic too. We all scream.

Not only is she a T1D, but she’s probably the only diabetic in Fairbanks who’s looping . Erik’s a looper too –– it’s a term for someone who is hacking their insulin pump to make it work like an artificial pancreas. Ryan credits his wife Angie for figuring out a way to get their young daughter on this life changing system.

<u>Ron Holmstrom</u><br>Paxson, AK

Ron Holmstrom
Paxson, AK

<u>Vicky and Randy Meyer</u><br>Paxson, AK

Vicky and Randy Meyer
Paxson, AK