I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Marlene, Jan, Hannah, and Noel</u><br>Kenny Lake, AK

Marlene, Jan, Hannah, and Noel
Kenny Lake, AK

When Erik noticed Wenger’s Country Store didn’t stock red lentils, he made sure to inform Marlene, the owner, about the many benefits of the legume. Did you know they only take ten minutes to cook?! Tell everyone you know!

The conversation quickly turned to diabetes (as it usually does). Erik and I are type 1 diabetics and Marlene happens to be a type 2 diabetic. Despite stocking her grocery store with plenty of produce, Marlene’s been struggling to find healthy on-the-go snacks and meals. As Erik gave her food suggestions, she scribbled notes. She’s been so eager about changing her diet around that the next morning, she ended up making breakfast wraps for the first time. We came back to the store and she treated us to four each –– enough to spare some for the road. We ate them sitting behind the cashier as her 9-week old puppy squealed.

Erik and I have been thinking a lot about the stigma that surrounds type 2 diabetics. Us type 1s often try to avoid being pooled in with type 2s as the diseases are very different. As type 1s, our condition has forced us to become more aware about nutrition. Which is why we could all benefit from sticking together instead.

After breakfast, Marlene introduced us to her friends Jan, Hannah, and Noel who are regular customers at the store. Before we left, these sweet ladies said a prayer for our journey.

<u>Dale, Tammy, Kevin, and Jenifer</u><br>Kenny Lake, AK

Dale, Tammy, Kevin, and Jenifer
Kenny Lake, AK

<u>Randy Lisse</u><br>Chitina, AK

Randy Lisse
Chitina, AK