I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Debe, Michael, and Jake</u><br>Valdez, AK

Debe, Michael, and Jake
Valdez, AK

“The first question is free,” Erik always jokes to those who see our loaded bicycles and ask about the journey. This time, we had them stacked against a picnic table in the middle of Valdez. As I chopped peppers, it seemed the whole town was coming by to talk to us. These three who stopped to chat, work at a fish cannery at the port. Mike’s a fellow bike tourist who has ridden the west coast a few times. Knowing all too well about our ravenous appetites, he later walked out of a nearby cafe with a humongous brownie and fruit bar for us.

<u>Jonathan Alsberghe</u><br>Whittier, AK

Jonathan Alsberghe
Whittier, AK

<u>Until and Marienne Lorenzen</u><br>Valdez, AK

Until and Marienne Lorenzen
Valdez, AK