I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Dale, Tammy, Kevin, and Jenifer</u><br>Kenny Lake, AK

Dale, Tammy, Kevin, and Jenifer
Kenny Lake, AK

After Patty told me I only had ten minutes before she closed the lodge shower, I ran to it as fast as I could. I hadn’t showered in a while. Dale, Tammy, Kevin, and Jenifer laughed at me as they drank beers from their cabin deck. By the the time I got out, Erik had joined them and had already been given a nickname –– Jersey. The group, visiting from Fairbanks and Arizona, joked that I looked 20 times happier after I bathed. We sat around the fire with them and learned about life in Alaska. They told us that in the wintertime, if you’re pulled over, every single car will check up on you. It’s one of the ways Alaskans look out for each other.

<u>Anchorage Clerk's Office Summer Law Interns</u><br>Valdez, AK

Anchorage Clerk's Office Summer Law Interns
Valdez, AK

<u>Marlene, Jan, Hannah, and Noel</u><br>Kenny Lake, AK

Marlene, Jan, Hannah, and Noel
Kenny Lake, AK