I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Wendy, Jenny, and Louisa</u><br>Cantwell, AK

Wendy, Jenny, and Louisa
Cantwell, AK

There’s not much in Cantwell so when JP’s Coffee House opened last year, the community went crazy. Jenny from New Orleans was missing her hometown staple of meat pies so she decided to bring them to the last frontier. On our way here from Denali, four different people recommended we stop by. And the pies didn’t disappoint!

<u>Dale and Michele Potter</u><br>Cantwell, AK

Dale and Michele Potter
Cantwell, AK

<u>Brooke Larsen and Kailey Kornhauser</u><br>Cantwell, AK

Brooke Larsen and Kailey Kornhauser
Cantwell, AK