I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Vicky and Randy Meyer</u><br>Paxson, AK

Vicky and Randy Meyer
Paxson, AK

Vicky drinks tomato beer –– it’s an Arizona thing. We met the couple at the Alpine Creek Lodge where they were having lunch and we were freshening up after some backcountry camping. They split their time between Arizona and Kansas and have always had Alaska on their bucket list.

A few days after meeting, we bumped into them 200 miles down the road in the old copper mining town of Chitina. They invited us into their RV for red wine, let us camp on the side of it (a great wind barrier!), and made us eggs, bacon, and coffee for breakfast. As we lounged in their warm trailer, we saw a moose take a plunge in the lake.

<u>Ryan Kabat and Terry Underwood</u><br>Paxson, AK

Ryan Kabat and Terry Underwood
Paxson, AK

<u>Stacey Nieder</u><br>Cantwell, AK

Stacey Nieder
Cantwell, AK