I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Stacey Nieder</u><br>Cantwell, AK

Stacey Nieder
Cantwell, AK

Stacey’s a bikepacking pro who moved to Alaska for the cycling. 

She’s a physician and always takes advantage of her long weekends. We met her at the Sluice Box, a funky outpost along the Denali Highway. As we cooked our rice bowls, she munched on a meat pie from JP’s. She’s part of the Trail Tramps, a women’s cycling club in Anchorage. You can come along for a ride but Stacey asks that you don’t complain when the trail gets tough. “I know it’s rough... I’ve been riding it!"

<u>Vicky and Randy Meyer</u><br>Paxson, AK

Vicky and Randy Meyer
Paxson, AK

<u>Dale and Michele Potter</u><br>Cantwell, AK

Dale and Michele Potter
Cantwell, AK