I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>James Rio</u><br>Healy, AK

James Rio
Healy, AK

James is a sweetheart. We met on the train ride up here and he told us about the Denali Dinner Theatre, in which he directs, plays piano, and sings in. It’s an interactive experience where the waiters become actors halfway through the meal. They reenact the founding story of the National Park and have a blast doing it. 

We reconnected after riding the park’s road and he invited us out to brunch at Rose’s Cafe.

<u>Brooke Larsen and Kailey Kornhauser</u><br>Cantwell, AK

Brooke Larsen and Kailey Kornhauser
Cantwell, AK

<u> Helen Agusti and Alvaro Fau</u><br>Healy, AK

Helen Agusti and Alvaro Fau
Healy, AK