I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Brooke Larsen and Kailey Kornhauser</u><br>Cantwell, AK

Brooke Larsen and Kailey Kornhauser
Cantwell, AK

Any ounce of jealousy I had for these girls is long gone.

Brooke and Kailey won the Lael Rides Alaska Women’s Scholarship I applied for –– the one that is basically the reason we’re here.

These badass women are riding across Alaska and collecting stories on climate change, land rights, and environmental injustices.  When I realized that we’d probably cross paths, I reached out to Brooke over Instagram. I yelled “Brooke!?” to every touring cyclist we saw until we finally found them. Turns out Brooke and Erik studied together in Denmark a few years ago! Small world.

We chatted on the side of the road about our respective roads ahead and the ups and downs of bike touring. I’m still blown away by their Revelate Designs ultralight bikepacking setup. I’m not sure Erik and I could downsize that much –– we love our produce too much.

Thank you Lael Wilcox for inspiring so many women to ride Alaska.

<u>Wendy, Jenny, and Louisa</u><br>Cantwell, AK

Wendy, Jenny, and Louisa
Cantwell, AK

<u>James Rio</u><br>Healy, AK

James Rio
Healy, AK