I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Abra Patkotak</u><br>Healy, AK

Abra Patkotak
Healy, AK


Standing in front of a supermarket in small town Alaska, I look up and it’s Abra! She’s a fellow type 1 diabetic who found us on Instagram and has been following our bike trip through the state. She had a feeling she’d bump into us on her road trip.

She’s native Alaskan and has lived in Barrow, the northern most part of Alaska, for years. She dreams of riding from there to the southern most tip of South America.

Following our trip, Abra had us over at her apartment in Anchorage and treated us to a delicious halibut dinner. 

<u> Helen Agusti and Alvaro Fau</u><br>Healy, AK

Helen Agusti and Alvaro Fau
Healy, AK

<u>Robert “Bear" Crowel</u><br>Denali National Park, AK

Robert “Bear" Crowel
Denali National Park, AK