I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Robert “Bear" Crowel</u><br>Denali National Park, AK

Robert “Bear" Crowel
Denali National Park, AK

After we biked the 92.5 miles to the end of Denali National Park’s only road, we loaded our bikes on one of the green busses and Bear drove us back to the entrance. On the five-hour ride, he told us the park’s story as well as his.

When entering the Coast Guard years ago, he requested to be sent to “the gulf.” Thinking there was only one gulf –– The Gulf of Mexico, he was surprised when he was sent to the Gulf of Alaska.

<u>Abra Patkotak</u><br>Healy, AK

Abra Patkotak
Healy, AK

<u>Dave Alexander</u><br>Denali National Park, AK

Dave Alexander
Denali National Park, AK