I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Daniel Fretwell and Elle Mesloh</u><br>McKinley Park, AK

Daniel Fretwell and Elle Mesloh
McKinley Park, AK

I met Daniel, one of the onboard supervisors, as he was cleaning the bathroom on the train. I’ve never seen someone so upbeat while cleaning a restroom.

After we exited the train, we collected our luggage and I heard a voice yell from above.

“You never got my picture!”

I looked up and there was Daniel with his colleague, Elle looking out the window. I quickly snapped one of them and the train was off!

<u>Laurence and Jennifer Penman</u><br>McKinley Park, AK

Laurence and Jennifer Penman
McKinley Park, AK

<u>Chris Haag and Sophie George</u><br>McKinley Park, AK

Chris Haag and Sophie George
McKinley Park, AK