I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Julie Graves-LaForge</u><br>Pomeroy, WA

Julie Graves-LaForge
Pomeroy, WA

Highway 12 was one of the most terrifying roads I've ever ridden my bicycle on. With a sliver of a road shoulder, a 7% grade, and a headwind, we were averaging 4 MPH as 18-wheelers just barely missed us. Concerned for our safety, Julie pulled over and insisted to give us a lift up the last few miles. She had just dropped her kids off and had all the time in the world. Later, a gas station attendant who heard the story jokingly called us cheaters. When our safety is at risk, we'll take the ride! 

<u>Sas and Dave Waldron</u><br>Pomeroy, WA

Sas and Dave Waldron
Pomeroy, WA

<u>Seana Pearce</u><br>Powell Junction, ID

Seana Pearce
Powell Junction, ID