I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Joe, Andy, and Gareth</u><br>Powell Junction, ID

Joe, Andy, and Gareth
Powell Junction, ID

I had the pleasure of cycling with these three for a few days after meeting in Missoula. As I got out my camera, Andy, in orange, asked “do we have to touch each other?" These jokesters from Washington D.C., North Carolina, and Ireland met each other on the route in Colorado and have been cycling together ever since. Andy has run a marathon in every U.S. state and continent. No big deal or anything.

<u>Seana Pearce</u><br>Powell Junction, ID

Seana Pearce
Powell Junction, ID

<u>Bruce and Ben Anderson</u><br>Missoula, MT

Bruce and Ben Anderson
Missoula, MT