I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Tim Marty</u><br>Dunoir, WY

Tim Marty
Dunoir, WY

I got my fourth flat tire climbing Togwotee Pass. As I was fixing it, Tim stopped his car and walked over to me holding a bicyclist's godsend — a proper bicycle pump. As a cyclist himself, he knows how tiring it can be to use a hand pump. He ended up pumping up the tube for me and getting it all back on the wheel — using his bare hands.

<u>Ryan, Madalyn, and Sarah Flaming</u><br>Twin Bridges, MT

Ryan, Madalyn, and Sarah Flaming
Twin Bridges, MT

<u>Christopher and Annice Rioux</u><br>Colter Bay Village, WY

Christopher and Annice Rioux
Colter Bay Village, WY