I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Kevin, Stephanie, and Doug Boone</u><br>Howardstown, KY

Kevin, Stephanie, and Doug Boone
Howardstown, KY

As I was trying to inquire about sleeping under the Saint Ann School shelter, the Boone family was fiesting on a Pizza Hut pie in their backyard. They invited me in for a slice and told me cyclists camp there all the time. Generations including Kevin and Doug have gone to the tiny, 30-person K-12 school which is just next door. What an incredibly convenient commute! They left me with a box of leftover pizza which we later devoured for dinner.


<u>Bonnie Cissell and Charlene Price</u><br>Howardstown, KY

Bonnie Cissell and Charlene Price
Howardstown, KY

<u>Richard Ewart</u><br>Judson, KY

Richard Ewart
Judson, KY