I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Oliver Gee and Lina Nordin</u><br>Ness City, KS

Oliver Gee and Lina Nordin
Ness City, KS

Oliver from Australia and Lina from Sweden are a cheerful couple living in Paris. They're road tripping across America and made a detour to Ness City to visit Lina's father's former high school. Back in Paris, Oliver's got a podcast about the city geared towards expats called The Earful Tower and Lina’s a shoe designer who made the furry pink slippers she’s pictured wearing. 

<u>Leah, Ezekiel, and Kris Luoma</u><br>Scott City, KS

Leah, Ezekiel, and Kris Luoma
Scott City, KS

<u>Jonathan Heil</u><br>Larned, KS

Jonathan Heil
Larned, KS