I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>Ashton Mann, Justin Mann, and Mark Stanwix</u><br>Walnut, KS

Ashton Mann, Justin Mann, and Mark Stanwix
Walnut, KS

Bicycle touring with Type 1 Diabetes is no walk in the park — we’re in the plains but my blood sugar graphs still look like a mountain range. So crossing paths with the LIVEabetes Bike Tour, a brother and sister team raising money for the disease, was nothing short of glorious. Justin who has T1D needed more continuous glucose monitor sensors and I needed more insulin so we traded. Mark, who happens to have Type 2 Diabetes, noticed us standing in his driveway, came out to chat, and brought us bottled water. 

<u>Tom and Loretta Frank</u><br>Eureka, KS

Tom and Loretta Frank
Eureka, KS

<u>Roger Lomshek</u><br>Pittsburg, KS

Roger Lomshek
Pittsburg, KS