I’m biking across America this summer and taking a picture
of everyone I meet.

<u>The Williams Family</u><br>Blacksburg, VA

The Williams Family
Blacksburg, VA

Coming up a steep steep hill, Buzz stopped us. "What's all that stuff on your bikes?!" Amazed at our journey, he insisted we meet his kids so they can learn about the wonderful world of bicycle touring. Turns out Buzz is the head coach of the Virginia Tech Basketball Team. He offered his training facilities for us to use and told us to holler when we needed a hotel stay along the road.


<u>Jessie Owens and Troy D</u><br>Blacksburg, VA

Jessie Owens and Troy D
Blacksburg, VA

<u>Kenny Bryant and Ernie Burcham</u><br>Newport, VA

Kenny Bryant and Ernie Burcham
Newport, VA